About Us


Berg Partnerships Pty (LTD) was founded by Marius van den Berg and specialises in Design and Construction, Project Management and Construction Management. Berg Partnerships is based in Western Cape, but works right across South Africa. The driving force behind Berg Partnerships is a core of dedicated, hands-on management professionals whose experience started on site, resulting in the team having a good understanding of the basic principles of construction.

The Design-build provided Berg Partnerships with a great platform to understand the entire project cycle from concept through feasibility to delivery on site, which has honed the company’s project management skills. In addition to this,

Marius van den Berg has developed a framework of strategic partnerships and the measurement thereof through KPIs, which has resulted in various project awards for innovation, speed of delivery and quality. Berg Partnerships has gained a reputation for managing budgets pro-actively and saving money for both the client and the project team involved by means of value engineering, and by motivating a team to hear and understand the client's business needs and focus on the core deliverables.


We strive to create an environment of trust and clarity, through partnership that ensures the successful delivery of all projects, meeting the client’s business needs and focusing on the core deliverables.

Marius van den Berg - Director


Marius van den Berg

Marius van den Berg (Pr. CPM) is a registered Professional Construction Project Manager with a degree in Construction Management, which he obtained in 1998. He has more than 18 years' construction management experience and having completed in excess of R1bn worth of Design-Build work in the industrial sector over the last 18 years. He was involved in award-winning projects for innovation and safety.

He has a strong ability to create partnerships with clients, consultants and subcontractors, co-ordinating the design, do bidding proposals and lead the team resulting in early completion (± 6 weeks), tremendous cost savings, and world-class quality.

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordan is a Professional Project Manager with 25 years' professional work experience within the built environment and infrastructure sector. He offers a high-quality, widespread and diverse experience with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering.

He has built a credible industry reputation for delivering robust business solutions for complex development, construction and built environment challenges. Following his design office and main building contractor experience, he has 18 years’ in the Senior / Director Development Project Management role with 6 years through his previous employment at Century City Limited / Monex on the 250 hectare, 1.2 million bulk m² mixed-use development of Century City and through his own company, Brite Projects, for 13 years.

Banyane Makwebu

Banyane Makwebu has a background fully immersed in Construction Management. She has been exposed to multidisciplinary developments in the last (12) years within the construction and private property sector. In 2002 she did in-service training in QS and Construction Management at NMC. Through hard work and perseverance she rose to the position of first NMC female site manager in 2007.

It is through these co-operations that Banyane acquired tremendous knowledge on management and leadership skills that will add value to any project. As a way of giving back to the built environment and community at large, Banyane serves as an Executive Committee Member to the Western chapter of Women Property Network and mentor to women contractors in the Langa community. She is also involved in initiatives such as New Kids on the Block and the Semonkong Hospital project.